Carbs back on…but problems

07.21.2007 | 12:30 pm | 1981 CB650, CB650 Custom, General, Project bike

I reinstalled the 4 into 1 exhaust, after finding I was missing the sleeves for the OEM exhaust. I put the carbs back on, and tried to fire it up. Nothing. Not so much as an attempt to fire. The engine turns over just fine, but it still looks like there is no fuel reaching the cylinders. It will still fire if I spray starting fluid into the air intake, so I am  getting spark. I am baffled now. I feel like I was pretty careful about taking the carbs apart and cleaning them up. The gas makes it to the float bowls, but evidently, no farther.




Basically, I am at a crossroads where I have to decide how much more money I want to invest in the bike, if any. I am considering parting it out and selling the parts on eBay.

A little wire brush, a little ScotchBrite…

07.15.2007 | 12:21 pm | 1981 CB650, CB650 Custom, Project bike

The oil filter cover is done and I only have to clean up the front of the engine and I can put the filter assembly back on and fill up the crankcase with oil. Actually, cleaning up the front of the engine is going to be a bigger job than it seems. We shall see…


Back at it after vacation

07.14.2007 | 11:39 am | 1981 CB650, CB650 Custom, Project bike

I was gone for a week, then had a week back at home, so today I did some work work on the 650. I went to the auto parts store and found the canister style oil filter for under $7, and I bought a jug of Castrol GTX 10-40. I also went to Honda and ordered the squish gaskets for the exhaust pipes. Five dollars for a little copper ring, what a racket! While I was in a oil changing mood, I changed the oil and filter on the Shadow too.

I put a coat of paint stripper on the oil filter casing and found that underneath the black paint was a layer of silver paint.  It is cleaning up nicely. Once I get that part done, I will reinstall the oil filter and fill the crankcase with oil so I am ready to go once I get the rest of the parts put back on.