Getting the walls back up

03.15.2008 | 7:31 pm | Bathroom Renovation

Before we can put the final cement for the shower floor down, I had to get all the cement board cut, screw them to the studs, and tape the seams. I used mesh tape and crack filler as the “mud” to seal the seams.

Using a special blade for my circular saw, I cut the boards to size. The cement board throws off huge amounts of dust, so I cut them in the garage and pointed a box fan so that it would blow all the dust out the door.


The board is heavy, so it took 2 sets of hands to put some of them up. But, we persevered.





A few weeks ago, our vanities were delivered from Home Depot.


We did make a slight strategic error when purchasing the faucets. Notice anything out of order?


Oh well, it is not a true home improvement project unless you return to the home improvement store at least a dozen times.

I had to move the existing outlet to the left so that it would not end up inside the new shower stall. I discovered that the intercome system that is mounted on the other side of the same wall was interfering with my plans to move the outlet. We will end up removing a lot of drywall to run the wires for the new lights that we need to install over the new vanities.


The next step will most likely be getting the cement poured for the shower floor. Once that is done, we could actually do some tile work while I am getting the electrical work squared away.