Finally! Tile on the walls!!!

04.30.2008 | 9:22 pm | Bathroom Renovation

Night after night I spent cutting, fitting and glueing tiles to the walls. I am now to the point where I have to get the floor tile down in the shower area so I can put the final wall tiles on. At that point, I can begin grouting the walls and let that cure while I finish the rest of the floor. It is finally beginning to look like a bathroom again.


Finally getting some tile up.

04.17.2008 | 3:18 pm | Bathroom Renovation

My friend Ricardo came over and helped me get started on putting the tile up on the walls. If you don’t get started square and level…well…you know…it gets all hosed up.

The right tool for the right job…

I took over from there, and after a few missteps, got more done.


Added driving/fog lights to the Wing

04.13.2008 | 9:17 am | Goldwing

For Christmas, my lovely wife had bought me a set of 55w Halogen driving lights for the Goldwing. Due to being a slacker, I just now got around to putting them on the bike. These lights were only $60.00 so I had to make some modifications to them to get them to fit properly. The stock switch that came with them was really cheesy, so I bought a nice OEM switch from Electrical Connection and put that into the side panel. Notice the nice stock look on the button in the upper right of the panel.

Here is what they look like turned off.

There is now a ton of light coming from the front of the bike.

Insane amount of light with the high beams on.




The Led Zeppelin jet aircraft

04.4.2008 | 6:04 pm | Led Zeppelin

While on a business trip to Texas, a customer I was working with told me that during the 70’s when he was driving home from work, he used to pass by the Houston Hobby airport. He is an aircraft buff and he used to stop and see if there were any unusual aircraft there. If there was, he would stop and take pictures of them and then put the pictures in a binder, with dates and times.

On February 27th, 1975 he saw a Boeing 720B parked at the airport. This aircraft sported a red and blue color scheme. The bottom of the plane had a bunch of white stars on a blue background, with the name “Led Zeppelin” painted over the exit doors by the wing. He went home and told his wife that he had seen a “German Airliner” at the airport. Being a die hard C&W fan, he had never heard of Led Zeppelin, so his wife told him the plane most likely belonged to the rock band of the same name.


I did some internet searching and found some conflicting information. Some thought it was a B-707 instead. I did not find any pictures of this particular paint scheme, but I did find some of a maroon/gold paint job. As it turns out, Led Zeppelin was, in fact, performing at the Houston Coliseum that night.

I sent an inquiry to Boeing asking for clarification and received the following reply.

“These are photos of the “Starship” which was a Boeing 720, registration N7201U, owned by Contemporary Entertainment Services Inc.
The maroon and gold is probably from 1973, the plane was painted in the red and blue “Starship” livery in 74.
Zeppelin used a different 720 for their 77 tour –  “Caesar’s Chariot,” a Boeing 720 registration N7224U, owned by Desert Palace, Inc (Caesar’s Palace).
An easy way to tell the difference between a 707 and a 720 is the 707 has two over wing exits and the 720 has one – the plane in these pictures has a single over wing exit.”
Michael Lombardi
Corporate Historian
The Boeing Company
Just a little bit of rock and roll history for you…