A Poem

08.26.2008 | 3:13 pm | Goldwing

Thanks to Crazy Dave from the HondaShadow.Net forum for his permission to repost this.


The Treasure
By CrazyDave

There it lay
covered in hay
dirty rusted and bent

to his friends it looked
like trash
but to him it was heaven sent

he paid the man fifty bucks
and not a penny more

hauled it off in a rented truck
and went about the work to restore

hours turned into days and then weeks
as he scoured for parts hard to find

every other aspect of his life was just a blur
as the bike occupied his mind

matching paint looking at pics
of bikes from a time gone by

he never really thought he would get it right
but he was sure going to give it a try

set backs seemed to be the norm
and redos were a common thing

but he never really seemed to get all
that mad but a familar song he’d sing

it was a tune his dad once taught him
so many years ago

and it got him through the times in his life
when fate had struck him a blow

A month turned into two then three , four
and finally a year

just a few small details and the completion
was finally near

He primed the bike turned on the gas
and kicked it’s ancient mill to life

stood back and admired his work along
with his daughter and wife

He rode it to town and stored it in the barn
looked at it and smiled kinda sad

Wiped it down with a terry cloth and with a tear in his
eye, said this is for you dad

That very bike was his fathers he rode it the day he

He sat on the bike , thought of his dad and finally broke
down and cried

A photo shoot with the Goldwing

08.23.2008 | 10:29 am | Goldwing

The HondaShadow.Net forum is planning on creating a calendar that they intend to sell to raise funds for the ongoing maintenance of the forum. They asked the members to submit photos of their bikes with the “ladies of HondaShadow”. My friend Lori graciously agreed to be my model, so we shot some pictures at Fort Christmas, and at a local car wash.

Been riding a bit…

08.23.2008 | 10:20 am | Goldwing

Just a few miscellaneous shots from some of my recent rides.